Interior Designer Dann Foley has built a reputation for great style, taste and quality through his namesake firm Foley & Stinnette Interior Design. For more than 25 years, he has honed his interior design craft with clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“You did a fantastic job on the house. Every minute detail was attended to.”

– Hyman Zaslavsky

Interior Design

Dann Foley

Dann Foley

Award Winning Designer

For over thirty years, Dann has rigorously kept his focus on client satisfaction through uncompromising service. He is committed to giving people the opportunity to live better, more beautiful and more meaningful lives through the home design they live with.


Beau Stinnette

Beau Stinnette

Foley & Stinnette Interio rDesign. Partner, Designer & Chief Financial Officer

For over a decade Beau has been DANN’s right hand man and together they have formed a great business partnership while transforming spaces and making it possible for clients to live their best lives, every day.


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Dann’s Lifestyle Design approach for clients includes homes, wardrobe styling and special events of the highest caliber. “Any style, anywhere, at any time” is Dann’s motto. He delivers the goods and does it with fun and laughter. After all, he has become famous for his saying, “If you aren’t having fun spending your money then there must be something wrong with the process.”


Televisions shows like NBC’s American Dream Builders and Showtime’s The Real L Word have proven Dann to be as entertaining as he is inspiring. Besides television and personal appearances, Dann continues to work for clients throughout North America and Asia as he designs multiple home and lifestyle products with his licensing partners.

Dann believes “There are no problems, only solutions.” He has a passion for living well and teaches his clients how to do the same through great design and making the right choices. He doesn’t leave until the job is finished with precision.

Dann brings the same enthusiasm, vigor and style to all of his projects, be it an interior design project for a room, a home, or the design of an entire product line.