Dann’s products are best-selling and award-winning designs. Since launching in 2015, his designs have won 5 Gold and Platinum ADEX awards. He has been nominated three consecutive years for the ARTS Awards for product designer. He has been nominated for Pinnacle Award. His successful lines also include Phillips Collection,  A&B Home and Hua Fong.

Phillips Collection Logo
Nature was Dann’s influence for his award winning Phillip’s Collection pieces. “I want to take the materials and subjects and create something totally new through scale and finish.” His finished collection is a well curated group of wall décor and accessories that become the pieces you talk about.

A&B Home Logo My designs for A&B cover the largest number of home categories to date. I have designed accessories, lighting, mirrors, wall art, tableware, occasional and upholstered furniture. Working with a global force in home products has given me the opportunity to explore shapes, sizes, materials and products that I can curateand coordinate to tell a single story. The world of Dann Foley Lifestyle is brought to life in one place!

Hua Fang USA Logo

My newest collection of bedding is with the world’s largest supplier of bedding, Hua Fang. What this means for a designer like me is the opportunity to create every last piece from the thread up! I have created original fabric designs, unique pieces and incredible, high-end styling. Hua Fang makes it easy for me to offer gorgeous bedding that is available to everyone.

Evine Logo
With more than 90 million homes tuned in to watch and buy products, I am thrilled to be a part of the Evine family of brands. You can see me multiple times every other month, LIVE on-air from my Dann Foley Home set at Evine where I offer viewers the best of home products at incredible prices and lots of free design advice, tips & tricks and just plain fun! Tune in for my exclusive products inspired by my 3 A’s design: Accessible, Affordable and Available