Video: Styling Tips for Your Bed

Video: Styling Tips for Your Bed


Dann Bedding Tip ADB

MAKING a bed is easy, and so is STYLING a bed. Dann has some quick tips from American Dream Builders. This quick clip shows how easy it is to style your bed just like they do for a magazine. Just a couple extra steps, but the look goes a long way!

See more tips and ideas on Dann’s YouTube Channel!

Tips to Create my Spanish Living Room: American Dream Builders

Tips to Create my Spanish Living Room: American Dream Builders

In episode 3 of American Dream Builders I was finally given the chance to do an interior living space!  Not that I didn’t enjoy my exterior and kitchen renovations before but it was my time to really show what I was capable of when it came to decorating.

Our team leader that week, Erinn agreed to allow me to do the living room.  This is the main room of the house and the room that you entered into through the front door. Many people have a similar arrangement which makes the room even more important in the statement the room makes about you and your home.  I wanted to make sure that the room hit the right notes of style and comfort.

The peaked ceiling was a happy surprise. High ceiling always add so much appeal to a room.  The focal point of the room though was the fireplace at the far end flanked by windows, this detail made the room!  But, the lack of design on the fireplace really left it looking flat and forlorn.  That was going to be fun to fix!

The front wall of the living room also had tall French windows that looked out over the front courtyard.  My other teammate Lukas had big plans to add a raised fountain directly outside those windows so I knew the effect of light and water would be stunning.

The big question for me structurally was, how to create a focal point fireplace and do it on a limited budget and in a small amount of time.  This is where working on a team with other talented and experienced designers really comes in handy!  We were given access to some incredible painted concrete tiles and they were an easy choice for the façade.  I also decided to create a large wood beam mantle.  This element was courtesy of our friends at Faux Wood Beams a fantastic source that you can find online.  The really unique element of the design was the decision to scallop the top pieces of tile to create and almost pediment effect above the mantle.

The furnishings for the room I selected were to be both fresh and modern as well as comfortable for a small family and for watching TV.  The vintage church chandelier gave the room an antique effect that is in keeping with the architecture and then the contemporary “spiked” wood console gave the room a modern pop for this young family of artists.

I framed the French doors and the view of the gorgeous new fountain with simple metallic linen drapery panels.  The fabric I bought from Calico Corners online and it was both casual and sophisticated, I even sewed them myself.  I finished off the room with incredible gilded iron club chairs covered in a faux fur with small selection of well curated accessories (never too many) and a big beautiful arrangement of orchids in a silver bowl.

If you would like to see exactly how you can make yourself an impressive orchid arrangement like mine, checkout for my video creating that piece.  It’s easy and got all of the pieces I needed at Lowe’s!

How To Create a Lowe’s Kitchen in a Box

How To Create a Lowe’s Kitchen in a Box

In episode 2 of American Dream Builders we were given a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs, California to renovate and decorate.  I was asked by Lukas, our team leader that week to take on the kitchen.  I was thrilled because part of the challenge is to take readily available materials to create something fresh that anyone can achieve.

Kitchen Design TipsAs in every challenge, we are given access to the full product lines of Lowe’s.  The cabinets are from Shenandoah Cabinets (also available through Lowe’s).  The counter and backsplash material is all Silestone (from Lowe’s, once again).

First things first. In this home it was important to keep the lines and materials clean to be in keeping with the architectural style of the home. I removed a wall between the kitchen and living space to open up both rooms and to afford views from directions.   This also gave me the space I wanted for a large prep and eating island.

The really big decision I made was to eliminate the upper cabinets in the back of the kitchen.  It made for a cleaner view from the living space and brought the eye up to the clerestory windows with views of the mountains beyond.  Part of doing so was my decision to use the same white Silestone slab counters in a slab backsplash that reached as high as the upper windows.  What a dramatic effect!

Even the professional style pull down faucet came right off the shelf from Lowe’s and adds another layer of detail that is eye catching and functional.  The Samsung appliances from Lowe’s are all beautiful stainless steel and keep the clean contemporary design on track.

The thing I hope that most people take note of is, how they can go to Lowe’s and look at the handsome kitchen displays and go through the hundreds of cabinet options and look at them from a different point of view.  Eliminate cabinets, blend different styles and finishes, use the same slab on the counters in your backsplash, choose an unusual faucet or vent hood to add visual interest, those pieces don’t have to “match” your other pieces or appliances.  And this can be achieved in both modern and traditional kitchens and baths.

Adding personality and originality in your kitchen is as important as any other room in your home.  You can do that by hiring professionals like me or, you can also do it yourself with just a bit of creativity and the people at Lowe’s!

Before and After Kitchen

Big Bear Cabins

Big Bear Cabins

At American Dream Builders every designer takes a turn at being “team leader” each week.  I stepped up and took on the redo of the most charming, if not run down, cabins in Big Bear, California.  It was like old home week for me because my family had a beautiful mountain home where I spent my entire childhood water skiing on the lake in summer and snow skiing the slopes in winter.  It was idyllic and I look back on those years with the fondest of memories.

I found the same enthusiasm in this family for their cabin as we had for ours.  This only gave me greater resolve to create something truly memorable.  Plus, the fact that I was the team leader meant that I was automatically on the line for elimination should my team lose the Council vote.  I had no intention of letting that happen!

The one thing I was sure of was I wanted us to create a cabin that was traditional but, for modern living.  I wanted warmth and I wanted to layer both color and pattern, two of my specialties.  This was my chance to really shine and I intended to take full advantage of the opportunity.

My personal focus was on one of the sleeping cabins, which were separated from the main house.  These spaces were small, with low ceilings and had to sleep multiple people.  I was doubly sure that layering was going to be the way to create warmth, comfort, luxury and style…mountain style!

I had to do it quickly so I headed straight for Calico Corner online to find the perfect combinations of plaid, stripes, wovens and animal prints.  I blended these gorgeous fabrics from Ralph Lauren, Calico and Thom Felicia with found patchwork quilts, fur throws and pillows from Homegoods.

When it came to the bedding and draperies, I sewed them all myself, right down to the bed coverings!  The plaid draperies I layered over wood blinds to layer even the window treatments.  The walls were covered in a natural grass cloth on a black background that was so subtle you could barely notice it but, it still gave the walls dimension.

The ceiling I left in its natural wood finish and switched out a bare bulb with a vintage socket and “Edison” bulb from Lowe’s for old world charm.  Horn sconces and silver gilded table lamps on a painted vintage dresser added additional light and storage.

Even the floor was treated to a dose of pattern and color with the tribal rug I added.  The overall feeling was one of pure luxury.  The council and judges both agreed and said it was the kind of bed you just want to throw yourself into. Elle Décor magazine said it was one of the best makeovers on the entire show.

Here’s my tip for you today.  If you want a truly special duvet for your bed, start at and find your perfect fabric.  You cut your first length based on the size of your bed and the second identical length you cut down the middle. This way you can pattern match the fabric on each side of your new duvet.  To save money and make it more comfortable I buy a top sheet in a neutral or coordinated color and sew that to the back of the facing fabric.  It is faster, less expensive and the softer side that your body touches.  It also means less cutting and sewing. There you have it, a perfect and personalized duvet!

American Dream Builders Comes to Palm Springs

American Dream Builders Comes to Palm Springs

American Dream Builders Viewing Party Surprise

Last Sunday (03/30/14) was the second episode of NBC’s American Dream Builders. This episode was actually filmed last October in Palm Springs over in the Racquet Club Estates neighborhood on Star Road.

Many of DANN’s friends live here in Palm Springs, and one of them – Lorrie Etchason – wanted to put together a viewing party for this episode and the ones to follow. Lorrie contacted the owner of Smokin’ Burgers over in the Rimrock shopping center because it’s a sports bar, meaning they have more than a few large flat screens! Hughy, the owner of the bar, was thrilled to host the event and even went out and bought one more flat screen for the patio where the DANN party was held.

Dann Foley ADB Viewing Party Surprise

DANN and I had a commitment with the American Cancer Society Sunday night for their 100-years celebration, so we decided with Lorrie to put up a Facebook page earlier in the week for the DANN party and not let on that he was going to show up at Smokin’ Burgers himself! DANN arrived about halfway through the episode.There were 30+ people on the Smokin’ Burgers patio watching the show, and when DANN walked up from behind and said to the crowd, “What are you all watching?” the group roared and cheered for him! It was so much fun and a great surprise to all of the DANNFANNs to have him there in the flesh!!

Not only were DANNs friends filling the patio, there was also media coverage from the Desert Sun and the local NBC affiliate KMIR, and as the cameras began rolling and the flashes began popping I said to DANN, “Here you go with your own paparazzi!”

Throughout the hour, whenever DANN was on screen the group would cheer and laugh along with DANN in front of and beside them – DANN was everywhere you looked! LOL

Dann Foley on American Dream BuildersDann Foley American Dream Builders High Point Viewing Party

The Palm Springs group had a great time watching the episode take place in their iconic hometown along with their favorite designer DANN, who made them proud with his ultra-sleek kitchen remodel and his comfortable and inviting backyard makeover. DANN really shinned again in American Dream Builders episode 2 and the crowd that gathered for DANN and burgers all wanted to know one thing: when does Elaine go home?!?! DANN smiled and said, “Keep tuning in, it gets better.”

The American Dream Builders viewing party at Smokin’ Burgers will continue in Palm Springs each Sunday at 7:30 for the next 8 weeks, even when DANN is traveling. These are some smokin’ hot DANNFANNs!! Stay tuned!

And to really keep up with DANN in person, check him out this weekend at these High Point Market design events!

DANN Does High Point

DANN Does High Point

Have you heard all the DANN buzz lately? Next stop, High Point Market!!

Dann has been seen by millions recently on NBC’s American Dream Builders as one of twelve designers competing to be the best of the best (very exciting), and here at DANNInc in Palm Springs, CA, we are packing bags, booking flights, confirming DANN appearances, and getting ready for a whirlwind DANN tour for the Home Furnishings Market next week!!

Dann Foley Bedding Line

DANN can first be seen Saturday, 2:00 pm at the Wildcat Territory launch party for DANN’s handsome and well-tailored drapery and bedding line. The mix of patterns and textures is masculine, rich, and layered like only DANN can do! WCT has really produced a fun event, complete with French wine and cheeses to enjoy.

Next stop: that same day you can find DANN at the Phillips Collection at 4:00 launching his new line of wall art and very cool accessories! Then, stick around for the industry mixer with PC – this is a great opportunity to connect with industry muscle and find out how it’s done!

Sunday is a big day that begins with DANN’s party at Skyline Designs showroom in IHFC’s InterHall. DANN has been designing for Skyline for two years, and they really know how to showcase DANN’s talents and designs – plus, they’ll be throwing a fun party with a great spread in case you need some sustenance to keep going!

After Skyline follow DANN to over to Loloi Rugs at 5:30 where they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with music and beverages and while you are there mixing take a look at DANN’s exciting Palm Springs Rug Collection.

Dann Foley American Dream Builders Viewing Party

DANN’s next stop is American Dream Builders viewing party at 7:00 pm, with DANN and Erinn V sponsored by Quickstep at the GJ Styles Firehouse Showroom!! Come and party with the stars of ADB and find out what the chemistry is really like between these two rockstar designers! I spent a Sunday with them, and I can tell you firsthand that there is a lot going on there! Don’t miss episode 3, and then get the dirt on what you didn’t see on the flat screen!

Monday doesn’t slow down for DANN! With all the buzz and commotion from ADB, DANN is a star, and IMC knows this because they have brought DANN in to speak at 3:30 about his experience going from interior design with social media, to product licensing, then to parlaying all of this into becoming a primetime, major network reality TV star! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to find out the ins and outs of how DANN has done it!!

After the IMC presentation, follow DANN back over to the Loloi showroom at 4:45 for DANN’s Loloi launch party, where you can preview the line and find out about DANN’s inspiration behind his iconic “Palm Springs” Loloi Rug Collection!

Whew! What a week this will be for DANN and the rest of us here at DANNInc. See you there!! And be sure to look out for tomorrow’s details on how you can keep up with DANN all through this season of ADB!

Is Dann American Dream Builder’s Reality TV Villain?!

Is Dann American Dream Builder’s Reality TV Villain?!

Let me just start by saying how excited all of us are that after more than two years of waiting, hoping, and planning, that Dann is finally being shown in commercials for American Dream Builders on NBC.


Dann was out of our office for more than three months while he was filming, and believe me, it was not easy here without him! Needless to say we are thrilled that he has returned and we are so excited about what’s to come out of this experience.

But… (yes there’s a but!) when these commercials began airing I honestly got worried that the editing team had found their villain! Every reality show has one, and even though Dann is in no way a villain in real life, they could still make him look like it.

And I wasn’t the only one who thought that.  Dann’s PR and Online Manager said she knew as soon as she saw the commercials that she had some “spring cleaning” to do. But as she says, “Dann is like a box of chocolates – maybe you never know what you’re going to get, but if you love chocolate, you know you’re going to get something you’ll love!” So we’re both hoping to show America both sides of Dann’s very energetic and sometimes unpredictable coin.

Dann Foley on ADBJosh, Dann’s assistant saw things a little differently, though. When he saw Dann shouting and pointing his finger like an angry parent, he said he knew the public was in for a treat! He has a point, though – the important thing is that ADB viewers will get to experience the man we get to experience firsthand. More people than ever will get to see Dann’s passion, determination, and – most importantly – his talent for not just design, but living well.

Nobody knows Dann better than I do, and he is so much more than what has been shown in these commercials. My hope still remains that these are just the teasers that are selling personality for season one of ADB and that Dann’s charm will be equally showcased along with his immense talent, great humor, and good looks.

We’re always consistently blown away every time we get to see the “reveal” once a project is finished, and that’s what people will come away from the show with. So regardless, we’re extremely excited for the show’s airing in March. We here at DANN Inc want America to fall in love with the Dann that we know and love!!!



P.S. To schedule an interview with DANN please contact Brian Vatcher at BrightHaus Marketing.